Our Mission

The mission of the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa is to create a better future through brain injury prevention, advocacy, education, research, and support.

Founded in 1980, the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa (BIA of IA) is the second charter chapter of the Brain Injury Association, Inc. Our members include people with brain injuries, their family members, their friends, and professionals who work with people who have had brain and head injuries.

We exist to support, assist, and advocate for persons with acquired brain injury and for their families. We advocate for and with people with brain injury and family members by responding to their challenges and representing their concerns through legislative efforts and active support of programs created for their needs.

We serve the brain injury community by working to secure and develop community-based services, encouraging research, establishing support groups, and providing access to pertinent information and resources.

We educate the public and increase statewide awareness of brain injury as a serious disability with lifelong consequences through the development and distribution of informational materials, news, and notices of conferences, symposia, and other meetings.

We strive to prevent brain injury through public awareness, education, and legislation. For more information, e-mail us at info@biaia.org or call us at 1-855-444-6443

Contact Info:

Geoffrey Lauer, MA, Executive Director
(319) 466-7455 or glauer@biaia.org 

Brandie Richmann, Operations Director
(319) 466-7455 or brichmann@biaia.org

Brandi Jensen, BS, CBIS, Director of Programs and Services
(515) 274-9757 or brandijo@biaia.org 

June Klein, BSW, CBIS  BIAIA Projects Manager
(319) 292-2293

Lisa Jenison, BS, CBIS, Neuro-Resource Facilitation Team Lead
(515) 331-2611 ljenison@biaia.org

Krys Purscell, BA, Neuro-Resource Facilitator
(515) 331-2244 krys@biaia.org

Annie Randolph BS, CBIS, Neuro-Resource Facilitator
(515) 331-8984 arandolph@biaia.org

Melissa Morford, BS, CBIS, Manager of Neuro-Resource Facilitation Outreach
319-466-7455 mmorford@biaia.org

Administrative Office

Samantha Smith, Intake Specialist
515-244-5606 855-444-6443, sam@biaia.org

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