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The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa is committed to providing Iowans affected by brain injury the support and access to resources they deserve. Please contact us if your clients and patients are facing barriers in these areas. We want to help.

Advocacy Day Cancelled

We are happy to announce that we have rescheduled
Brain Injury Advocacy Day to Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Join us at Iowa's State Capitol as we work to educate legislators and policy makers about the needs of Iowans with brain injury and their families.

Des Moines, Tuesday, March 21, 2017


So that we can plan accordingly we ask that you

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Our Legislative and Policy focus will include:

1. The need for increased funding for services and supports for Iowans with brain injury and their families

2. Reducing waiting lists for home and community based services

3. Increasing local control for funding services for Iowans with disabilities including those from brain injury.

4. The need for expanded prevention efforts to reduce the incidence of brain injury in Iowa

Join with us!!

Advocate directly using the Grassroots Action Center

Using infoNET's Grassroots Advocacy Center, you can quickly email your federal and Iowa state elected officials about the issues you care about, and get tips on making your message clear and full of impact.  You don't need to know who your legislators are to use the Advocacy Center - their  system will find them for you.  All you need is your address, and you can email your legislators in less than two minutes.  Just CLICK HERE


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Dedicated members of the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa (BIA-IA) work together to increase the public's awareness of brain injury and its consequences, develop support systems, encourage appropriate rehabilitation for survivors, and disseminate information about brain injury. BIA-IA believes that everyone who faces life after brain injury deserves the opportunity to achieve maximum functioning. BIA-IA advocates for statewide public and private services and the funding to pay for them.

We advocate for and with people with brain injury and family members by responding to their challenges and representing their concerns through legislative efforts and active support of programs created for their needs. The Alliance participates with the Advisory Council on Brain Injuries (ACBI) and other partners in efforts to improve Iowa’s capacity to support and serve Iowans experiencing brain injury and their families. These activities are guided through a state planning process governed by the ACBI and the current state plan at this link: Iowa State Plan for Brain Injury.


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